I wish to thank the following people for their profound and positive impacts on the well-being of our family, and their continuous inspiration.


Métis Elder Dolores Gosselin and her family (Winnipeg, MB)

Métis Elder and Canoe Builder Marcel Labelle and his family (Mattawa, ON)

Métis Elder Theresa Lizotte and her family (Regina, Saskatchewan)

Haida Elder Dr. John Medicine Horse Kelly and his family (Haida Gwaii, BC)

Seth Asch and his family (Victoria, BC)

Métis leader Anne Anderson (Belle River, ON) and the entire Muskrat community

Métis leader Robert Pilon and his family (Oshawa, On)

Métis leader Johanne Brissette and her family (Saint-Thomas, QC)

Anishnabeg and Huron-Wendat Historian Médérik Sioui and his family (Gatineau, QC)

Professor Warren Magnusson and his family (UVIC, Canada)

Professor Denis Gagnon and his family (Université de Saint-Boniface, Winnipeg, MB)

Professor John Briere and his family (USC, CA)

Roshie Sinzan Miyamae and his community (Gyokuryuji, Japan)

Roshie Melody Cornell and her community (Victoria, BC)

Grandmaster Sigung Sunny Tang and his family (Toronto, ON)

Grandmaster Sifu Walter Jakimczuk and his family (Ottawa, ON)

Sihing Sifu Jim Kragtwyk and his family (Victoria, BC)

Sifu Mark Watson and his family (Victoria, BC)

Brazilian Jujitsu Professor Bruno Fernandes and his family (Montreal, QC)

Brazilian Jujitsu Professor Marcus Neuenschwander and his family (Long Beach, CA)

Yoga Teacher Saul David Raye and his community and family (Los Angeles, CA)

To all of my past, present, and future students in Carleton University from whom I am learning so much…